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Smart creations have been associated with temples and kumbabhishekams for more than 24 years and are a pioneer in Gold plating for temples. Today with the traditional knowledge of special hand-chosen artisans combined with the latest technology, Smart creations are on a mission of upgrading temples to Golden temples.

With a special R & D department, supported by a fully equipped factory, Smart creations have delivered Kalsams, Vimanams, Dwathasthambams , Golden chariots, Golden walls, Doors to more than 5500 temples in India and abroad. Special customization project management methodology is followed for each temple based on the Gold plating requirement in terms of its size, the shine, the specific architecture of the temple, the geographical location of the temple in terms of whether near a sea, etc, the temples uniqueness, and adapting all the traditional rules/mandatories as per the specific temple and the time of delivery and execution.

The number of temples that have been gold plated under SmartCreations

The number of temple idols, that SmartCreations team has gold plated for the temples

The number of idols that were restored, and gold plated and now adorn the pooja grihas

The number of artisans and professionals that Smart Creations aims to touch the lives of through SwarnaPravartak

The Mission

At Smart Creations we take pride in not just our work but also the rich culture of India. The heritage of India is closely associated with its temples and its various art forms. The passionate team at Smart Creations has partnered with 200+ traditional artisans all over India and is working towards sustaining the art form of Gold Plating. The craftsmen have inherited their skills from their ancestors and the knowledge is passed down through each generation. We aim to provide a livelihood to them and use a combination of technical expertise and ancient art to restore the Golden touch to Indian Temples.

The Vision

The program aims at employing 10,000+ well trained pravartaks by the end of the year 2035 towards the mobilisation of the masses such that they have complete transparency in the religious donations made them.

Who is

Swarna Pravartak

SwarnaPravartak is the flagship program of SmartCreations aimed at providing gainful employment to those who believe in the Indian Culture and the value system that it holds. Through the SwarnaPravartak Program, we want to reach out to the Indian Youth in a manner that they get an additional reason to be proud of the Indian culture. The major highlights of the program are shared below:

    • Fixed Monthly income generation
    • Dedicated training and growth assistance
    • Incremental revenue share model for faster economic growth
    • Recognition across the social groups and nationwide community

Listen From Our



I was amongst the first of the SwarnaPravartaks when a batch of 5 was selected and trained. I was surprised to know about how much our culture had. The interaction with the team and the entire training was very good


-G Subhash

The in-field sales experience has been really good. It gets overwhelming sometimes but the results are also in accordance and in the past six months I have grown significantly.


-Preethy Ashwin K

I got to know about the SwaranPravartak program through Facebook. I was in between jobs after COVID and had to move back to Chennai. It has been 4 months and I am grateful to be a part of this program. I am able to stay with my parents, take care of them and the family and also earn a decent income.


-Senthilkumar D

A Testimony to the Association with Smart Creations

At Smart Creations, we have been a team of people who have always taken great pride in not just our work but also our culture. It was during one such discussion that we thought of creating an ecosystem such that those who maintain similar tastes can find gainful and sustainable employment. Thus SwarnaPravartak was born. While Smart Creations had been long in existence, we felt that given the nature of the work, it should have a distinct identity too. Through Smart Creations, we work closely with temples and households assisting them with getting gold plating that is as true and pious as their faith.

Pankaj Bhandari

Founder & CEO

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