Bringing the glory

back to religion

Smart Creations

Our Story

We have been working with almost all the major temples across India and even internationally assisting them with the gold plating of the temple kalash, temple idols, and a lot more.

We were initially engaging under the umbrella of Smart Creations only but thanks to the blessings of the god almighty and that of our well-wishers, SmartCreations has now become a complete entity in itself.

The Mission

At Smart Creations, we aim to reinstate the sociological as well as the economical significance of the Hindu Dharma and the Indian Culture so that the generations are able to better appreciate our glorious past

The Vision

Through our varied programs and offerings, we aim to empower the Indian Youth by providing them with meaningful employment opportunities that provide economical as well as social benefits

Making Spirituality Common

At Smart Creations, we believe that spirituality isn’t necessarily about religion and that god is not restricted to the dharma you follow too. The concept of dharma as a matter of fact has been restricted to associate with religion fairly recently. If one reads the Upanishads, then one will see that Dharma is defined as the universal principle of law, order, harmony, and truth. It is the regulatory moral principle of the universe that related to righteousness and Satya.

The same when extrapolated stands true for spirituality and its subsequent relation to religion too. At Smart Creations, one of the reasons why we got into temple restoration and beautification was to ensure that our generations to come remember that for Indians, religion wasn’t just temple worshipping. Rather, it had a beautiful interaction of science and art behind it that resulted in what we know as the culture today.