Gold: The Divine Element

Gold: You may have seen your mom wearing jewellery made of gold, or maybe you are wearing them yourself but did you know wearing golden ornaments is a way of seeking blessing from God? It is true. Gold symbolises devotion and reverence to the divine being – God. You have always seen gold jewellery worn by idols, it brings harmony, peace, wealth, and good feeling to those who have worn it.

Gold has long been associated with a divine sphere, in the Hindu religion. The lustre of gold, being indestructible in nature, is one of the best conductors of electromagnetic waves. Its rarity makes it an ideal material to embody the divine qualities of God, but also is the expression of human faith in the divine. It is believed that man’s quest to find gold was inspired by God, seeking their blessing and it was God who gave gold to man and taught them how to use it.

Gold on its own is a symbol of wealth, given its value. Gold is known to possess divine powers that bring harmony, peace, prosperity, stability, and good luck to those who wear it correctly. Given its divine and spiritual powers, it is heavily used in temples, to make idols of worship or jewellery worn by them.

Ever wondered why as soon as you step inside a temple you feel a surge of positivity in your body, like all your pain, is going away slowly? Sudden freshness and like you are being healed? Well, this is greatly due to the science behind the temple Architecture. That alone demands an article of its own but to sum it up in short, temples are built in places rich with electromagnetic waves, and their architecture is strategically aligned with the greater poles of the earth. 

Walls, doors, and pillars of temples are made of brass or copper, copper being one of the best carriers of electromagnetic waves, spreads the energy bestowed to the temple by the sun during the day and moon during the night evenly throughout the temple. This is why as soon as you step foot in a temple you feel that rush of freshness and positivity surging through your body. All of this is further amplified by gold plating the Temple structures like Gopurams, Kalasams, Dhwaj stambh, and temple doors. 

Adding a lustrous coat of pure gold to these structures or metals further amplifies their receptivity of vibrations with the least resistance, increasing the ability to absorb the electromagnetic waves and spread them across the Temple structures. Gold has the ability to attract, maintain, and amplify those qualities which are inherent to the base metal. Undoubtedly, Gold is known as the divine element.

We at Smart Creation have done Gold Plating work on over 5000 temples across India, worked on over 10,000 Kalasams, more than 100,000 idols and restored 100,000 idols. We use NTGD – Nanotechnology for Gold deposition to gold plate the base metal to evenly cover the surface with gold. The same technology is used in NASA and ISRO for gold plating their devices to imbue the properties of gold to the devices and make them more durable. Depositing pure gold increases the receptivity of vibrations with the least resistance, this is why it is widely used in NASA and their space programs.