Kalasams weighing 118kg and 70kgs installed in Patna’s Mahavir Temple

Chennai’s Artisan handcrafted Kalasams weighing 118kgs and 70kgs for Patna’s Mahavir Temple, bringing a new look to the temple. The temple had Kalasam replaced back in 1985. The bigger Kalasam stands at 13ft tall while the other at 9ft. These Kalasams have been crafted using the finest 18-gauge copper, having work done by 10 artisans in 3 months’ time.

Having added this golden kalasam on its spire, the Mahavir temple adds to its glory by having the largest gold kalasam in the state. With a warranty of over 50 years and after understanding the modern method of gold plating and its benefits the Mahavir Mandir Trust entrusted the responsibility of creating these kalasams to the Chennai-based gold plating company ‘Smart Creations.’


This is truly an amalgamation of the north and the south. Smart Creation and its artisans from the south brought forth their supreme designs and state of art techniques to create these Kalasams. Not only that these Kalasams have a lustrous coating of pure gold of the thickness of 3 microns(1 micron = 0.0001 millimeters) on them which further adds to the majestic beauty of the temple. These kalasam were installed on the spire of the temple making the Mahavir temple shine ever so brightly.


Smart Creations used one of the most advanced gold plating technology to gold plat the Kalasam for the Mahavir Temple, Nanotechnology Gold Deposition also known as NTGD. The same technology is used by NASA in their rockets and also by ISRO in their defense system. Using this NanoTech, the team can control the thickness of the gold coating down to 1 micron(1 micron = 0.0001 millimeters). This method used 80 percent less gold compared to the traditional method making it a more viable option.


Gold is very well known across the world, mostly because of its unique color, shine, and of course how expensive it is. But there are many reasons beyond that for using gold, adding a coating of gold. 

First is one of the most non-corrosive metals, it does not corrode, it is highly malleable and honestly indestructible. Adding a layer of gold coating on the kalasam significantly increases the lifespan of the Kalasam. Which has to endure not just the heat from the sun but also various harsh weather conditions.

Using NTGD a layer of pure gold gets deposited on the surface of the base metal. Imbuing the properties of gold to the base metal. Using the NTGD the gold deposited can also be recovered and reused. 

Smart Creation has done Gold Plating work on over 5000 temples across India, worked on over 10,000 Kalasams, more than 100,000 idols and restored 100,000 idols. Using the  NTGD – Nanotechnology for Gold deposition to gold plate the base metal to evenly cover the surface with gold.  Depositing pure gold increases the receptivity of vibrations with the least resistance, this is why it is widely used in NASA and their space programs.