Why does the Yadadri temple renovation cost 1800 crores?

The Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, famously known as Yadadri temple, opened its door to lakhs of devotees on March 28, at 11:35 AM. With the grand renovation that shines as bright as the biggest temples around the world, the Yadagaripally dwellers have made all considerations in order to ensure that the grandeur of the temple is complemented by the experience and hospitality for welcoming pilgrims from across the globe.

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The SMART use of Gold

The Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is set to be one of the most gold adorned places of worship in India, and the second-largest in South India. Multiple different parts of the temple are being gold plated through the same advanced technology used by NASA & ISRO for their defense systems. Read more about how this advanced technology helps regulate the temple’s sacred vibrations and also make it last longer and become a part of future history

Gold plating nanotechnology & how it is done:
Although the ancient cave temple in Yadagaripally is using a large amount of gold, it is optimising the use of gold through advanced technology called NTGD – NanoTech Gold Deposition Technology. NTGD technology effectively increases the affordability of the projects by decreasing the consumption to about 5 grams per sqft. That is 80% less as opposed to conventional gold coating. The thickness of the gold layer using this method is reduced to microns. This is achieved through electroplating of gold onto a suitable metal substrate, preferably copper, which is well known for its conductivity. For this advanced technology the architects of the temple partnered with SMART Creations. Smart creations has done work in over 100 temples in India, worked on over 10,000 idols, restored over one lakh idols

Why does the Yadadri temple renovation cost 1800 crores? – Smart Creations

In total 800 acres have been acquired to build the temple city at Yadadri, under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode, and will be dotted with various facilities in- including three and five-star hotels, hospitals and more than 300 plots for cottages under the donor scheme.

The district armed reserve police headquarters is also proposed to be set up on a 30-acre land at Saidapur village, one of the seven villages of Yadagirigutta. Apart from uninterrupted electricity supply for the temple town, arrangements are also being made to ensure the temple s supplied with 10 lakh gallons of water every day.

The grandeur of renovation

The ancient temple, originally spread over 2,500 square yards, has been renovated on a massive scale and now covers over four acres. Its other fascinating features: A 47-feet main gopuram (made from 30 to 40kg gold), use of 700 kg of finger millet (or ragi) to install kalashams and dwajasthambam as it creates electromagnetic waves and protects the structure from lightning and Krishnasila stone exteriors. This black granite used in place of brick or cement will help the temple survive for at least another 1,000 years. Also being used is 3,000 tonnes of mortar, lime, jute, inknut, jaggery water, aloe vera, etc – things used to build forts and other monuments during the Kakatiya-era. The special mortar and granite will help in keeping the inside of the temperature pleasant, across all seasons.
How much does the Yadadri temple renovation cost?
The Yadadri temple renovation costs roughly 1800 crores, to not only renovate a 2500sq ft cave temple into a 4-acre state-of-the-art worship complex but also there is attention to detail in order to engage all of the 5 senses.
Why does the Yadadri temple renovation cost 1800 Crores?

Any temple that is built as per the Agama Shastra takes into consideration the way of living life – a life that is fulfilled by devoting gratitude to the teachings of the Lord Vishnu.
The renovation of Yadadri Temple is a scientific & engineering marvel. Engaging all your 5 senses when entering the space, the renovation consists of landscaping, new roads, new bridges, turning the ancient cave temple that was previously only 2500 sq.ft to 4 acre land of worship, with a large army of artisans working to renovate the Yadadri temple. The ancient techniques meet the advanced technology with many new additions that are at par with 2022, such as the Nano-technology gold plating technique and elevators within the temple complex.