Yadadri Temple Gold plating – Using the same technology used in coating NASA rockets and ISRO defense systems

Yadadri Temple Gold Plating – South India’s Ancient cave temple renovated with same technology as NASA & ISRO

Although the ancient cave temple in Yadagaripally is using a large amount of gold, it is optimising the use of gold through advanced technology called NTGD – NanoTech Gold Deposition Technology. NTGD technology effectively increases the affordability of the projects by decreasing the consumption to about 5 grams per sq ft. That is 80% less as opposed to conventional gold coating. The thickness of the gold layer using this method is reduced to microns. This is achieved through electroplating of gold onto a suitable metal substrate, preferably copper, which is well known for its conductivity. For this advanced technology the architects of the temple partnered with SMART Creations. Smart creations have done work in over 100 temples in India, worked on over 10,000 idols, restored over one lakh idols

Superior corrosion protection

Hypoallergenic & one of the least reactive to chemical compounds, gold serves as a metal that is resistant to corrosion. The Yadadri temple’s structures that are made from copper for its anti-bacterial and conductive properties are gold plated with Smart Creations Nano Tech Gold deposition for longer lasting foundation & to complement the grandeur of the structure.

Good electrical conductivity

Temples are a powerhouse of electromagnetic waves of the earth and also vibrations throughout the architecture. Nano technology gold deposition is used to gold plate temple domes, kalasams, gopuram & dhwajstambhas in order to amplify the conductivity of these electro magnetic waves, making it superior. Yadadri Temple’s doors – one of the largest temple doors, is also gold plated by Smart Creations Nano technology gold deposition. This same technology for gold deposition is used by NASA in their space projects to create a super conductive protective coat onto their mechanical & reflective equipments.

Greater durability

The durability of gold for gold plating helps in making the substrate more resistant to dings, scratches & normal wear & tear. During the metal plating process, it becomes possible through nanotechnology gold deposition to customise the thickness of the gold coating to achieve the desired output. This is done by applying multiple thin layers. ISRO uses Nano tech Gold deposition for their defence systems in mechanical and technical equipments to make the conductivity of communication superior and also make the equipments overall more durable.

Unique malleability

Although gold is strong, it is also the most malleable and ductile of all the metals. It’s possible to hammer gold into thin sheets that are suitable for electroplating applications. Consequently, gold can work well for coating a wide variety of materials with different shapes and thicknesses. This makes it very easy to deposit gold onto intricate designs and works of artisans that is used to build the grand architecture & decor of Yadadri temple